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In a distance less than 2:30 from Athens,  ​​South Kynouria, is a destination which will pleasantly surprise you and worth visiting.

Rich in natural beauty, with reports even from mythology and deep history proven starting from Neolithic years, with traditions and dialects (Tsakonia) which are still used today and the famous monasteries, offers wide variety of touristic interest that will certainly  not make you feel bored.

The monasteries, the archaeological finds of the region and major archaeological destinations in a small distance, such as the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, Mycenae, the Temple of Epicurean Apollo, are just some of the attractions you must seeduring your visit to Tsakonia.

Enjoy wonderful organized and non beaches and explore the unspoiled  bays.

Travel through time admiring the Byzantine architecture of the Kynourian villages, and the Tsakonian architecture of Leonidio with their courtyards and painted ceilings as well.

Warm up by the colors of the red rock of  Leonidio and breath in the fresh air of Parnonas mountain.

Walk on Parnonas mountain  - region Natura 2000 - the canyons, caves, waterfalls and explore rare flora and herbals.

Climb the red rock of  Leonidio, where more than 1000 routes of all difficulty levels hight up the adrenaline in the most daring.

Discover the exceptional beauty of the sea  bottom and visit the under construction diving park in Tyros  and you will be charmed by the underwater caves of the area.

Relax in the seaside villages with taverns that honor traditional cuisine and generously offer the gifts of the sea and discover the traditional stone villages of Parnonas mountain.

Buy local products like the famous tsakonian eggplant, olive oil, honey and wine.